Hello all,

As some of the community members know, Kilopi project is migrating from Tron blockchain to Harmony blockchain. The reason of the migration is simple; “Community is not able to use the Tron blockchain due to the high fees”. If you ask “Why Harmony ?”, because “The fees are very low, speed is high and Harmony is compatible with EVM”. So, the development progress of the project will increase significantly.

The migration comes with Total Supply Decrease, the total supply was 100 billion on Tron blockchain and all of them is being burned now. The new total supply on Harmony chain is 50 billion.

You do not need to worry if you have LOP tokens on Tron blockchain, all the LOP tokens which the community is holding, are open to migrate easily. All you need to do is, send your LOP tokens to a special address on Tron blockchain which we will burn them all. While sending, put your Harmony address as a notice. Here is how you can do this step by step;


1- Create your Harmony Wallet Address;


a- Install Metamask by reading this page: https://docs.harmony.one/home/general/wallets/browser-extensions-wallets/metamask-wallet/installing-metamask

b- Add Harmony to Metamask by reading this page: https://docs.harmony.one/home/general/wallets/browser-extensions-wallets/metamask-wallet/adding-harmony

c- Create you Harmony wallet by reading this page: https://docs.harmony.one/home/general/wallets/browser-extensions-wallets/metamask-wallet/create-a-new-account


2- Send your LOP tokens to the special address on Tron Blockchain by inputting your Harmony Address as a notice;


Special address to send LOP tokens on Tron blockchain: TBqXYNKMxETbvQcNf3HDuiZuGXmpB3rDDF



3- Add LOP token contract address to your Metamask to see it when it arrives to your address;


a- Go to your Metamask “assets” tab.

b- Click “import tokens” below.

c- Input LOP token official address and proceed. ( Address : 0x1791c97603b4695f53A4f1c02ca0efB74C44b310  )