Ambassador Program

( Ambassador program details may change according to the project’s needs in time )


Base Requirements

Familiarity with Metamask basics ( Adding networks, adding-sending-receiving tokens )

Minimum 1 year old Twitter account

Organic activity on Twitter account in the last 3 months

Minimum 1000 organic followers on Twitter


Additional Requirements

Learning the basics of Kilopi tokenomics

Learning the basics of Kilopi token utilities

Learning the basics of Kilopi ecosystem

Learning the swap of the Kilopi tokens

Awareness of Kilopi English Brief Video



4 Tweets in 1 month about Kilopi project

Retweets from the Kilopi project’s official twitter account

Adding the “Ambassador @kilopicoin” statement to the twitter profile

Communication with Kilopi team every month ( Minimum 10 minutes )



100.000,00 ( 100 K ) Kilopi [LOP] tokens every month ( May increase according to the support of the Ambassador )



Just find the Twitter link of the project below, send a private message on Twitter.


Kilopi Twitter Account