What is Pathfinder?

Pathfinder is a decentralized voting application under the ecosystem of the kilopi project. The Kilopi team has a youtube channel where they properly do fundamental analysis of crypto assets. The projects to be examined here are determined by voting in the pathfinder application. In practice, by using the LOP token, which is the token of the kilopi project, you bring the project you want to be examined to the top and have it examined before. The project with the most votes on the list during the last video reviewed becomes the video subject of the next review.

For example, the project currently being reviewed in the list above is Parsiq (PRQ). Since Kadena (KDA) is in the first place at the time of the review, this project will be examined in the next video.
If the Kadena (KDA) project is the most voted Pancakeswap (CAKE), the subject of the next video will be CAKE. Of course, between the two reviews, you can vote for the project you want and make it go up to the top and get it reviewed first.

How to use Pathfinder?

To use the Pathfinder application, you need to open the pathfinder application under the ecosystem on the kilopi project web page (https://kilopi.net/). Or you can log in directly from https://kilopi.net/pathfinder/.

Then you need to connect to the application via the harmony network with your Metamask wallet. Because the applications of the kilopi project only work on the harmony network for now.

After connecting to the application, if you want to add a new project to the list, write the name of the project in the underlined field below and enter the LOP token amount you will use for voting on the right side and press the “create” button, and the project you want is added to the list.

If you want to vote for one of the projects on the list, enter the number of the project you want to add in the part drawn below and enter the number of LOP tokens you want to add to the voting on the right side, and when you press the "add" button, it adds the votes you cast to the project you selected.

Of course, for this, you need to have LOP tokens in your wallet to use for voting and a very small amount of ONE coin to cover the network fee.

Do Reviewed Projects Remain on the List?

The projects examined are transferred to the right side of the list as you can see below. Projects that have been reviewed using the voting application so far are listed on the right side of the screen.

What Happens to LOP Tokens Used in Voting?

35 percent of the LOP teokkens used in the vote are burned. 15 percent is used to raise funds for Kilopi's staking and DAO applications. The other half is transferred to the wallet of the reviewer in exchange for their effort. The amount of LOP tokens burned to date is also seen at the top of the list of projects examined.