Kilopi FAQs

What is a DAO ?
D.A.O is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization where there is no central authority.
What is Kilopi DAO ?
Kilopi is a type of D.A.O where the community can propose and vote by inserting their comments in detail and everything gets recorded into the Harmony Blockchain
What is the purpose of the Kilopi DAO ?
The purpose of the Kilopi D.A.O is to build a fair and sustainable decentralized autonomous organization to build sustainable decentralized applications on blockchains.
How can i involve to Kilopi DAO ?
You can help the project’s development by using the exchanges under the ecosystem link and purchasing some LOP tokens. You can wait until the D.A.O release and use it to propose your ideas or vote for others’ ideas to help the project gets shaped by the community. You can follow the ecosystem updates and involve the new dApps which are being developed by Kilopi D.A.O.
What is the role of the LOP token in Kilopi DAO ?
All processes in Kilopi D.A.O require very small amount of LOP tokens to make the system sustainable and to avoid the flooding. Also, all the rewards are being distributed by LOP tokens for those who involve to the ecosystem elements or give successful proposals/votes.
I have another question
Please send an email to [email protected]. We will reply back as soon as possible.