Masters of Management

A community driven strategy game that is being built via blockchain and web3 technologies where players can manage their realms in millions of possibilities.

Technology and Humans


Before the final sustainable system beyond the universe, before the end of the life we know, there was a time range that the humans were evolving by discovering new technologies.

Every new technological discovery brought humankind an option to choose.


War or Peace


Peace was harder to choose. Many chose the war.

But there were still some who were struggling hard and insisting on Peace.

The Game

Masters of Management

  • The Core
  • The Assets
  • The Timeline
  • The Diplomacy
  • The Wars
  • The Kingdoms
  • The Trade
  • The Announcements
  • The Ranking

Masters of Management is a Massively Multiplayer Strategy game where the players are the managers of their realms which are placed on the planets.

The planets have lifetimes of their own, from their birth to their death.

Once a planet borns, humankind starts to grow on it. Then they bring the Realms and Kingdoms.

In Masters of Management, players create their Realms on the Planets. Players manage their realms until the death of the planets. Every planet has a specific smart contract that is controlling the rules of the specific planet. Every time a planet dies, it leaves a Scoreboard behind and this scoreboard gets recorded on Harmony Blockchain. The main purpose of the game for the players, is to finalize the planets with a good score after having a unique fun with lots of strategical dynamics.

Every time a Planet dies, players earn LOP tokens depending on their scores on that planet.

The game has many assets to manage and enjoy with.


Players can;

Have population, Have lands, Create buildings, Have resources, Have production lines, Make researches, Have diplomacy, Have land sea and air armies, Have spies, Have Castles, Have Kingdoms, Have trade strategies

and many more…



Every planet has its own life duration. There may be many planets alive simultaneously.

Players can create as many realms as they prefer on a single or multiple planets.

Time gets collected by planets, converted into the turns and players use turns to step forward in time. In this way, players are able to play the game according to their life schedule



Is not the diplomacy, the main element of the strategy ?

Players can make their enemies, allies, create kingdoms, open wars and many more by using the in game mechanics or not !




Defending your realm and Attacking to the others are the key features of a strategy game.


Masters of Management offers an extremely detailed, unique fight system which enjoys the player even if he loses.


Masters of Management offers a large war system where multiple players can attack or defense other multiple players. This system raises the level of the enjoy of the game to a new high level.




Kingdoms are made of multiple realms.


Players can communicate and proceed together for common goals.

Players can create Kingdoms to organize these collaborations better.

Kingdoms have their own diplomacies between each other, besides the players realm based dilomacies.



Masters of Management offers a unique trading system where players can trade every resource type they have between each other with an open market.

Trading brings new technology knowledge to the realms as well as it brings profits if succeed

Masters of Management offers a unique announcement system where the large events are being announced automatically and player based announcements are made manually by players as realms or kingdoms.

This announcement system brings a new understanding to gaming with a public place where players can announce their war/teasing messages and many other things to each other in front of the community.

Masters of Management collects every single data of the realms and kingdoms automatically.

The collected data gets calculated by the smart contract for each realm and kingdom.

Calculation brings a points-based leader board for realms and kingdoms separately

Staying in the top of this leader board is the main purpose of the game and it brings LOP token airdrops.


Quarter 1

Idea development meetings

Quarter 2

Research to decide which blockchain to integrate and develop

Quarter 3

Development Infrastructure progress

Quarter 4

Development of the Core
Alpha 1 is Live


Quarter 1
Alpha 2 / 3

Alpha 2 / 3 version release with the basic core

Quarter 2
Alpha 3 / 3

Alpha 3 / 3 version release with the fixed basic core

Quarter 2
D.A.O Release

D.A.O dApp release

Quarter 4
Beta 1 / 2

Beta 1 / 2 version release with the fixed basic core and basic additions


Quarter 1
Beta 2 / 2

Beta 2 / 2 version release with the fixed basic core and fixed basic additions

Quarter 2
Full Release

Full Release

Quarter 3
Expand 1 / 2

Expand 1 / 2 release according to the D.A.O decisions

Quarter 4
Expand 2 / 2

Expand 2 / 2 release according to the D.A.O decisions

Planet Brahe

ENGLISH Planet Brahe is online. Planet’s basic information can be found under the “PLAY” link in the home page of Masters of Management game. Here is the changes log following the Kepler planet; Food consuming has been decreased %20. Food gaining has been increased %5. Stone tools research has been activated. Increases the food gain...
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How to play Masters of Management

Masters Of Management The Masters of Management is a decentralised, community-driven strategy gaming ecosystem where players can manage their realms, have fun and earn tokens on the Harmony blockchain. In Masters of Management, players can create their economies, make researches, train armies, make sea, land and air units, make buildings and castles, create kingdoms, attack...
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Documentation has been released

The documentation of the game has been released under this link: Documentation will be updated according to the developments and additions in time.
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Website and The Core of the Game

The Core of the Game is being developed and tested while the website construction is resuming slowly. Details will be released soon.
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Welcome Lords

Masters of management welcomes all the lords who are interested in an immersive strategy game on blockchain
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Cem Tosun
Founder and Developer
A civil engineer who has experience for more than 6 years about gaming ecosystems creation, coding, business development and blockchain
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Eren Bahadır
CFO and Developer
An economy bachelor student who has deep knowledge about economy, coding, game development and blockchain technology.
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Part time / Free
Posted 6 months ago

Masters of management needs a front-end developer who has skills to organize the front-end of the game. The person who can take care of this job should has a basic knowledge about digital assets indus...

Part time / Free
Posted 6 months ago

Masters of management needs a graphic designer who has skills to produce 2d art style images. The person who can take care of this job should has a basic knowledge about digital assets industry to com...

Fair and Transparent Development for the Community Dedicated Game


An automated D.A.O system is under development together with the main Kilopi D.A.O.


After the full release of the D.A.O, Community members will be able to propose with explanation and again, community members will be able to comment and vote for the proposals with explanation. Everything will be recorded on Harmony Blockchain and the development will continue according to the decisions under the D.A.O.

Alpha worlds will be online in January 2023. You can follow the website and start to play on the Alpha worlds in January 2023.

The game will be available to play only on chrome explorer on a laptop or desktop in the Alpha Phase. Other platforms will be added with the full release

In the early phases of the game, LOP token will be airdropped to the players who finish the planets at top 10 of the leader board. Following the full release of the game, LOP tokens will have in game functionalities

There will be enough liquidity to buy/sell LOP tokens on defira Defi platform on harmony blockchain. The link will be shared once the liquidity is enough.

You can review the main website of LOP token and check the ecosystem link to learn what else can be done with LOP tokens.

Yes, the game will resume developing non-stop according to the D.A.O decisions

D.A.O is a dAPP which is being developed by Kilopi and it will be the place where the community can write their comments, propose and vote for developments.

Please scroll down the page, you will see the email and twitter links of the project. Click whichever you prefer and send a message to us. We will reply back as soon as possible.