UO Shard by Kilopi D.A.O

1 – Download The Client

2 – Open the zipped archive

3 – Install Part1

4 – Install Part2

5 – Double click the “KilopiUO” on your desktop

6 – Click “Play” button

7 – Just put a username and password and it will be yours “No registration required”

8 – Create your Character “All character settings will be changeable in the future, no worries in details as for now”

9 – Click next and start to PLAY

10 – Import SKL tokens into your Metamask Assets’ tab. SKL token contract address: 0xfd8b73678D29BB6d7cDA859D83906685357BC438

11 – Double click the in-game gold, insert your Harmony Wallet Address and send your in-game gold to your Harmony Wallet as SKL tokens

12- Click the link below and exchange your SKL tokens into LOP tokens

What is your blood type ?

Blood of Barbarians

Blood of Demons

Blood of Orcs

Blood of Necromancers

Blood of Vampires

Blood of Wizards

Blood of Dwarves

Blood of Undeads

Blood of Gargoyles

Blood of Serpents

Blood of Fire Dragons

Blood of Ice Dragons

Blood of Humans

Blood of Wolves

Blood of Elves

Blood of Pirates