Masters of Management Documentation

Welcome to The Masters of Management's official documentation and help resource.


The Masters of Management is a decentralised, community-driven strategy gaming ecosystem where players can manage their realms, have fun and earn tokens on the Harmony blockchain.

In Masters of Management, players can create their economies, make researches, train armies, make sea, land and air units, make buildings and castles, create kingdoms, attack and siege enemies and many more...


The game can be played with a computer and chrome browser. It uses web3 technology, so player should be connected to the harmony blockchain with metamask chrome extension.

In masters of management, time gets collected and gets converted to the turns. Players make their adjustments according to their strategy and use these turns to make their movements in time.


The game universe are made of Planets.

Planets are the places where the players can create their realms on. Every planet has its own lifetime. Once the lifetime finishes, planets die.

Everytime a planet dies, realms on that planet also stop to work. The latest points of the realms on that planet gets recorded on harmony blockchain and rewards get released to the players according to their realm points on that planet


Players can create their own unique economic strategy depending on the many dynamics of the game like production, wars, diplomacy, trade etc.

Since this is a blockchain based game, players can create their economies not only inside of the game but also outside of the game using LOP tokens on harmony blockchain.


Yes, Masters of Management is getting developed by Kilopi team.

But Kilopi team has planned to develop the game to a certain point where the game is fully playable, enjoyable and sustainable.

After that point, the community will take over the game's updates progress together with the fair D.A.O dApp on harmony blockchain.

Masters of Management will be %100 community-driven decentalized strategy game.


Masters of Management game's mission is simple;

Develop the most enjoyable, sustainable, decentralized, community-driven and scalable strategy game ever.

Game Elements

There are countless in-game elements. Some of them can be controlled by players but some of them not.

See the most common ones below;


Realms are the main assets for the players

Players can create realms on the planets and manage them by adjusting the other assets as realm dynamics like buildings, population, researches, armies etc.

Main purpose of the players is to develop and expand their realms to their best.


Realms have buildings.

Players can make buildings on their realms with enough land and resources. Buildings provide various benefits depending on their type.

Using the land limits with good building organization brings successful management results. There are endless possibilities depending on the style of the players


There are various resource types in masters of management.

Every step forward requires some resources. For example; population consume while producing more. Making buildings consume a lot of construction resources. Armies consume food.

Managing the resource balance is one of the key feature in the game.


There are 2 main types of production in masters of management. 1- Resource production 2- Material Production

There are some certain building types which produce resources like stone, wood etc.

There are some certain building types which produce materials like weapons, armor etc.


Every realm starts in the stone age. With moving foward in time and making researches bring new technologies.

New technologies bring new resource types, buildings, materials etc.

Players can push as much as they can to step forward in technology. There is no technology limit in masters of management. The only limit is the planets' lifetime.


Players can send messages to other players, make plans, declare wars, make allies etc.

Realms have diplomacy ratings depending on their moves. Bad behaviour brings bad reputation and good behaviour brings good reputation.


There are various army types in masters of management.

From stone age militians to the technology age cyborgs, players can manage complex armies together with their own war tactics.


Players can have special spies in their realms and can send them to other realms to receive certain information.

Be aware, if a spy tries to receive an information and fails, target realm can reveal the spy's identity.


Players can make castles for their realms in every age of the planets.

Different technological ages have different types of castles.

Castles bring advanced defense benefits to the realms. Managing them better brings better results.


Players can siege other players' castles. Sieges require huge amount of resources and military power but when successful, they bring huge benefits from the opposite player's realm like resources and materials


Players can create kingdoms.

When a kingdom gets created, the player who creates the kingdom gets appointed as the king and his realm becomes the kingdom's base.

Players in the same kingdom can share resources, materials and armies for a better organization and domination.


Players can trade their resources and materials with other players using the open market system of the game.

Besides of researching, getting high level resources and materials by trading, also brings new technologies to the realms.


There are 2 types of announcements in masters of management. 1- Automated important news 2- Announcement by players.

Public player announcements are some kind of strength showment and bring more excited gameplay.


There are 2 types of ranking leaderboard in masters of management. 1- Planet based 2- Universe based

Players and kingdoms have their own points and according to these points, they are always getting listed in order on the leaderboards.

Token airdrops release according to these leaderboards.


Masters of management is a product of Kilopi D.A.O. Regarding token name is Kilopi and the abbrevation is LOP.

Airdrops of masters of management game are being made of LOP tokens.

Please see for the details of LOP token.

Play and Earn

Masters of management's main purpose is to bring a unique enjoy to the players and airdrop them LOP tokens if they are successful enough in the game.

Every time a planet dies, airdrops release to the players who finalize the planet in the top 10 of that planet.

Long Term Plan

Masters of management's long term plan is to make the players addicted to the game while not taking their time so much in their ordinary life.

After a certain point where many players are already addicted to the game and the game is giving great enjoy without critical bugs, LOP tokens will be integrated to the game in a sustainable way and the game will be a phenomenal one in the industry.


Masters of management's development will continue as long as the developers alive.

The game will be a %100 community-driven game at a certain point and will continue to grow according to the ideas of the community.


Game's community will take over full control of the development at a certain point of the development.


D.A.O ( Decentralized Autonomous Organization ) for Masters of Management is a dAPP where the community can propose and vote for suggestions and criticisms of the game.

Unlike the similar ones, masters of management's D.A.O dAPP proposing and voting require the user to leave a detailed comment/explanation about the topic.


Every planet in the game has its own smart contract. Every time a planet borns, a new, updated smart contract is being deployed on harmony chain.

So, every new planet comes with new updates.

Game will be updated continously according to the D.A.O decisions and the updates will be released every time a new planet borns.

Key Metrics

We believe, updating the game continously according to the D.A.O decisions, making the game enjoying for real and getting more people involved will bring the real success to the project.

Ongoing Works

Project team has a crypto youtube channel that has 13k organic subscribers and besides this, main team has a large community who are investors of crypto projects.

Project is seeking for new team members to expand its human resources.

D.A.O dAPP is being prepared to get the community involved to the development.

Project is being prepared to be deployed on harmony blockchain and apply for grants.

Future Plans

Master of management plans to increase the core player count between 10-100 every new month and following this, to increase the LOP token's organic transactions as much as possible.